The False Gospel of Climate Activism

T.S. Weidler

Pope Francis believes that a record cold spell in Mongolia is the result of global warming. 

He is wrong, of course. It is a cold spell, not a warm one. This is why shrewd climate scientists started calling seemingly unprecedented temperature swings in either direction, “climate change” instead of global warming over the last several years. This way, cold, wet, hot, and dry conditions can all be accounted for by the same threat. 

It would be perfectly fine for the Pope to remind believers to be good stewards of God’s creation. But that is exactly the problem. It’s hard to take seriously when fundamentally unserious and nonsensical lies are being spread by the people who are supposed to represent the epitome of righteous and wise leadership.

Insisting that gas-powered motors cause global warming, which in turn causes cold weather in Mongolia is utterly unbelievable. Anybody who entertains such ideas has disqualified themselves from ever being taken seriously. 

The office of Pope is hard to respect on a good day, simply because of how far outside of the Biblical model of church governance it is. But if the office is going to exist, it should exist to protect the church from preposterous nonsense and heresy, instead of promoting it.

Remember also that in 2020 Pope Francis said that COVID was “nature’s response” to our collective inaction over climate change. He believes gas motors cause global warming, which causes record cold, and he believes that our failure to stop it caused “nature” to create COVID-19.

He is exactly wrong. Covid was manmade, and the climate is not.

Two Major Wars

The Pope is not the only one saying silly things about climate change. Last month The Atlantic magazine ran a headline titled, “Military Emissions Are Too Big to Keep Ignoring.” 

Two major wars are drawing the attention of the world right now, in addition to smaller patches of civil unrest in other places. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has been running for over two years, and the Israel-Gaza war will soon be in its 7th month. The Persian Gulf and the Red Sea are hot spots for military actions as well.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed, maimed, or permanently displaced in these wars. The ground is scorched by bombs and collapsed buildings. These wars have certainly destroyed entire ecosystems and left rubble and death in their wake. “Somebody” blew up the NordStream gas pipelines in the middle of the Baltic Sea last year, an event with dire environmental consequences. But The Atlantic is ready to ignore all of that. The real problem, which we cannot ignore, is carbon emissions from the tanks and jets. The bombs, bullets, and blood are less important. The real problem is what could happen to the climate.

The Climate Religion

This obsession with the climate is a religious one. Specifically, it’s a religion of evil that does not take the apocalyptic wars laying waste to civilization and destroying people into account. Its adherents claim to care about the environment but care only for the climate.

The climate is the one part of the environment over which we have zero control, and it is the one part we are told we must sacrifice everything to control. 

But the climate is not within our control. The climate is the domain of God.

An Old Religion

It should not be surprising that the climate cult disguises itself as environmental stewardship. The environment is the domain God gave to man to care for. God’s people ought to be good stewards of the land and natural resources He provides. This is part of our dominion mandate.

But the climate is not part of our jurisdiction. As it is written, 

While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Summer and winter,
And day and night
Shall not cease.”

The climate belongs to God. It is not the domain of men. This was proven beyond a doubt in the flood. God alone holds the weather. Mankind can find shelter by submitting to God’s will or can resist him and drown. That is the choice. But ever since Adam rebelled against God with the desire to be like God, his fallen race has attempted to rule the winds and the rains.

John Martin, The Assuaging of the Waters, 1840. Public domain.

All the Baal and Asherah cults were climate-centered. They mixed in sex and debauchery just as moderns do, but the core of their religious goals was the weather. When Elijah told Ahab there would be no rain for three years, he did so knowing that Baal, whose supposed job was rain, would not be able to make a single drop of it. All the sacrifices to Baal yielded nothing. The weather belongs only to God himself.

The Religious System of Climate Worship

The modern so-called “environmentalist” movement is just another futile attempt by man to take the climate from God. As with all false religions, it requires a sacrifice to atone for sins, it promises a future utopia if we all deny ourselves, it has a global commission to disciple all the nations into this urgent task, and it has an original sin against the god of its system. The climate god is “Mother Nature,” and she demands obedience. Her weapon is weather events. The gospel of this kingdom is that by sacrificing your gas motors, stoves, and freedom of movement, she will smile on you and heal your land.

Once the gas motors are sacrificed, the demands will only increase. Human sacrifice, which the modern climate prophets call “depopulation” will surely follow and has already begun. Climate change is a cruel lord and demands cruelty from all its disciples.

James Cook Witnessing a Human Sacrifice in Tahiti. Public domain 

The True Gospel

As always, the solution to this false gospel is the true gospel. The true gospel is fundamentally more serious than the climate religion. The bad news is worse, and the good news is better. 

Our sins are far worse than harming Mother Nature. Our sins are high-handed rebellion against the God of Heaven and Earth who holds all things in his hand. “The wages of this sin is death,” and no sacrifice we can make will be enough to satisfy the wrath we justly deserve. The bad news of the true gospel is far more serious than what the climate cult believes, and this seriousness testifies within the human soul that it is true.

But the hope of this gospel is greater still. Our only hope is God’s own sacrifice, not ours. This hope is a serious hope. It is a true hope. All of creation—the environment itself—waits and groans eagerly for this hope to be made complete in us. On that day, when God again dwells with men in full redemption and restoration, the world will be made new and glorious. 

This is the hope of the gospel and the death blow to the climate gods.

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