When Life, Politics, and Theology collide

Justin Puckett

It has been a long-standing trope on both sides that there is to be a separation of Church and State. Some even say it is constitutional, even though it is found nowhere in our founding documents. This is a topic that many of us should be familiar with right now given all the talk about Christian Nationalism. Which, regardless of what it is you believe that term means, is a relevant topic. I’m not here to discuss that topic as there are far more qualified, intelligent, and learned men doing so already. However, I would like to look at a clear example of why we need to be discussing these issues, and why it matters.

The Associated Press just published a news piece about a baby named Indi Gregory in the U.K. – a more detailed article was put out by The Guardian. Indi was born with a rare disease leaving her mentally incapacitated. She was deemed incurable and died after being removed from life support per her government’s orders. Both articles claim the child died as though the disease had just run its course and her death was a natural result. The truth is the government and their team of highly educated “medical experts,” murdered a child against her parent’s will because it was “in the best interest” of the child, and, according to the Guardian, it is the parents’ fault because they “failed to convince the judge” otherwise.

This story should concern us for many reasons. This is a continuation of our culture’s fascination with death and utter destruction of the image of God. This also took place in England, a country where a king was recently established through a very Christian ceremony. England has not been a Christian nation for quite some time, mostly due to the capitulation of the Anglican Church, but it is a stark picture of the future of our own country as we typically trend right behind Europe in most cultural matters. If we want to see more of this in our own country, then we can do what we’ve been doing – we will see much, much more.

The Church and State Farce

There is no such thing as “separation” of church and state. Despite what some recent evangelical leaders have said, there is no sense of neutrality in our world. The state church is the “Secular Church of Latter Day Darwinist.” They have their scriptures, their faith leaders, and their political theology. All of their members are united in one faith, one spirit, one sacrament, and apart from Scripture, there can be no moral objection to their actions.

This tragic situation is entirely consistent with their religion and sacrament of death. According to their scriptures, it’s a waste of space, time, and resources to try and keep a sick baby alive, because they don’t contribute to society in any way. They’re a leech. Babies are a part of the problem because they will grow into adults who will drive cars, eat meat, and breathe oxygen which will cause the penguins to sweat. After all, we must think of the penguins. We must sacrifice the child to appease the angry gods of global warming. As Caiaphas said, “it is better for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation not perish.” (John 11:50)

Cultural Clarity

Since 2020, there has been incredible clarity of our world around us. Make the pun about 20/20 vision if you must, but it is quite apparent God is still pulling back the curtain to shine light upon the darkness. Corruption within the Church, society, government, educational system, and cultural establishments has been exposed, and we are seeing how deep and dark the hole of human depravity really is. Technological advancement and education have deceived us into thinking we are morally superior to our tribal pagan ancestors. We scoff at ancient paintings of the Aztecs, or Canaanites sacrificing children to their gods, all while sacrificing our own children by the millions to the god in the mirror. 

The COVID lockdowns, riots, a switch in our political regime, and the moral freedive of our culture has exposed our spiritual atrophy. While we are struggling to find answers in the Bible we statistically don’t read, while slandering other Christians who express their biblical answer. Meanwhile, the secular world grows stronger and more unified in what they believe and what they want.

Swords and Trowel at the Ready

We can no longer continue down this road as the people of God and be ignorant of His Word, which is our only foundation and weapon. Our worldview must be biblical, informed, and spoken. This means we must be as familiar with that dusty first ¾ of our Bible as the last quarter, and our interaction with the culture must be as clear as it is bold. No more softening. No more euphemisms. No more compromise. Clear, bold, truth proclaimed against the prophets of Baal. 

Neutrality with the world has never been a luxury of God’s people: 

James 4:4 “You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore, whoever wishes to be a friend of the world sets himself as an enemy of God.”

Luke 11:23 

“He who is not with Me is against Me and he who does not gather with Me, scatters.”

1 Kings 18:21 “And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you be limping between two opinions? If Yahweh is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.” But the people did not answer him a word.”

However, we cannot merely destroy what the enemy has built with nothing to take its place, we must be building at the same time. Families, communities, and local churches must be strong. This is not the time to be alone and bickering, but together and working, building, one brick at a time. One child, one family, one church, one community at a time based upon the blueprint God has given us.

Where are There Men?

As I read these articles, all I could wonder was, “Where is the church? Where are the men?” Where are Moses, Elijah, and John the Baptist? Men who will stand for truth, speak the truth, and give their lives for the truth. In England, they’re all but extinct or under house arrest, which allowed for this to happen, but we’re not far behind. We are beginning to reap the seed we have sown for decades, and the fields are black for harvest. All will be held accountable to God for their actions, and for some, their inaction.

Silence in the face of evil is just as wicked as the evil itself. 

Ultimately, the only way to win this fight is with the Sword of the Gospel. Repentance and forgiveness of sins through shed blood and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the only way, and we must not kid ourselves into devising any other means. 

The actors of evil and their victims need a miraculous change of heart and mind which can only be done by their Creator. Fathers need a change of heart. Pastors need a change of heart. Kings need a change of heart. The answer is not found in men or their efforts but in God. We must pray that He would bear His right arm, and then go out and herald His Good News knowing and trusting that He will.

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