The Courage of My Father Remembered

Seth Brickley

A Father’s Courage

Our country and our churches are being taken over by Satan’s agenda, yet sadly too many are either silent or even worse, helping advance the evil agenda in America. One of the reasons I am so alarmed by the cowardice of national and Christian leaders is because I was raised by a man who was not cowardly. That man is my father, David Brickley.

True men take a stand when they see evil advancing and I want to share a story about my father’s courage that I observed as a young child. In 1993 Christian values held a more prominent place in American society but things were certainly starting to decline even then.

The Controversial Book

We had a pastor in our church whose daughter was assigned a book in one of her classes. The book was titled, The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy. This novel had hundreds of “F words” in it. The students were even told to read the book out loud in class. Now you would think this would be a no brainer. If the school administration had any moral compass they would not allow this book in their school. But this was not so.

Taking a Stand & Fighting Opposition

The plan to keep the book in the school led my father to be filled with righteous indignation. Just like Joseph of Arimathea “took courage” when he asked for the body of Jesus from Pontius Pilate (Matthew 15:43), so my father took courage by deciding to run for the local school board. My father was concerned not only for the pastor’s daughter but also for all the students in the school who would be subjected to that debauchery.

It is the responsibility of adults to lead children down the path of righteousness, not a path of immorality, as a book like this most certainly would. My father was not raised in a Christian home. He came to faith in Christ when he met my mother while they were both working as Air Traffic Controllers. On the surface, my father is not someone that anyone would want to mess with. He was in the military at this time and could bench press three hundred and fifty pounds. He was a man in lots of ways, but the most important he demonstrated his manhood was by standing for truth stemming from his Christian convictions.

Overcoming Challenges

He knew evil when he saw it and he knew he needed to do something. He was willing to risk much running for school board to prevent the evil dissemination of “learning materials” to the students. When he took on this secular school district he took on an army of opposition. People wrote letters to the editor against his cause in the local paper. He was lied about in the community as some religious nut, but all he was doing was promoting righteousness in the public square in order to protect young people from evil.

The Victory

Jesus said this opposition would come for Christians when they stand with him (1 Peter 4:14). When the election came that year it was the highest turnout a school board election in this community had ever seen. He ended up losing the election but because of this fight that he helped lead this evil book was removed from the school. He lost the election but won the battle. I was very young when this happened, but as I look back at what he did now I am amazed at his courage to stand up for what is right. This is what men are called to do. When men cower in fear and refuse to say or do something Satan’s agenda will only advance. The reason American society and the American church is in such a dire place is because men are not being men.

My prayer is that they would repent of their drift or cowardice, recognize the evil that is out there, and stand up publically for what is right. It is the responsibility of every Christian not only to believe in Jesus but also to follow him completely. This should be done in private, in the home, and in the church, yes, but also in the place that has been forgotten, the public square.

The call of Christ is to take up one’s cross and follow him (Luke 9:23-24). To take up one’s cross means enduring the evil of the world as you shine the light on their wicked deeds (Ephesians 5:11-13). To stand with Christ means that much of the world will despise you (John 15:18). This is a hard reality that every Christian must understand, but as you stand there will be some who see your light shine (Matthew 5:16).

When my father ran for school board he was willing to look like a fool to the world in order to be obedient to Christ (1 Corinthians 4:13). In this upside-down world, may we take courage knowing that God told us opposition would come, and that he would never leave our side as we stand with him (1 Peter 4:12-14).

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